I am an artist studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland.  I am going into my fourth year of a Time Based Art and Digital Film Degree, specialising in photography and film.  I have a particular interest in analogue photography shooting with and developing 35mm and 120 film, as well as super 8 film.  For me, working with analogue photography in a digital age is very important as I feel far more involved in the process of creating when working with my hands in order to create my images through developing negatives and enlarging images.   I enjoy working with experimental techniques such as liquid light on water colour paper and canvas as well as cyanotype prints and tea toning.  
I am inspired by the human body, currently looking at the physical impact of anxiety on the body - the physical effect of a mental issue.  I also take inspiration from avant garde film when working with both still and moving image, specifically the 1920s avant garde and the work of Man Ray and his 1920 film 'Le Retour a la Raison', in particular the shot of light on the torso of Kiki of Montparnasse, as well as the films of Guy Sherwin and Stan Brakhage amoung others.  Always drawn to photographing details of light and shadow, I am influenced by the simplicity and beautiful use of light in these films using light and shadow as the main subject matter in my images or incorporating interesting shadows into my images in order to add another level of interest to my work.  

Exhibitions/ publications
2017, 'Inescapable', Imago Mundi Project
2017, 'Unspoken' Exhibition, Medsin St Andrews
2017, 'Print Out' Exhibtion, Double Yolk - Newcastle based collective
2016, Public Art Group Exhibition, led by Barcelona based artist Daniel Miracle. Faculty of Fine Arts, Cuenca, Spain
2016, 'Elbow', Generator Members Show, Generator Projects, Dundee

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